Beyond Social Services – What do they stand for?

Beyond Social Services was the first organisation to hop on the bandwagon of Food Fund as a beneficiary. They were prompt in addressing all of our queries and expectations, possessed superb energy levels, and their passion was just so enthralling that it was just so natural and pleasurable to have them onboard!

Beyond Social Services is coming onboard Food Fund as a beneficiary. They will be one of the recipients of the food products that will be bought with this fund, and subsequently distributed to the beneficiaries that they are managing. Here is a video of them to understand more about their values and mission:

This is Beyond

Inspiring? Heartwarming? Those were the exact same sentiments we had as well. The beneficiaries of Beyond Social Services are mainly youths and children from the lower income households. Statistics have shown that children from less privileged families tend to be prone to adoption of delinquency behaviours, largely due to the fact that their parents are often taking up multiple jobs with too little affection and intimacy given to them. As such, Beyond Social Services finds it of essence to be there for them as their friend, mentor, and support network till they blossom into responsible adults – terming themselves as the village that helps to raise disadvantaged children and youth.

As Roosevelt once said “We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”, the youths in our society are the key in order for complete poverty eradication. Food Fund and Beyond Social Services both see this important aspect, and are thus able to support each other’s goals effectively. By ensuring that food is constantly provided for in the households of the youths and children Beyond Social Services manage, we are able to help lighten the financial burden, thence allowing the parents to not have to overload themselves with jobs and be able to devote more time to their children.

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