Fresh (but ugly) Vegetables is now on TreeDots!

TreeDots has recently on-boarded an importer for fresh vegetables as a seller on our platform. As an importer, their minimum importing quantity tend to generate a large amount of waste from overstocking – ordering below is an option but they would lose their reputation if they are unable to fulfil demand from their wholesalers and distributors.

Their vegetables are fresh, air-flown from their country of origin to Singapore. They might show some blemishes but other than that they are perfectly safe for consumption! Super fresh as well since they were placed on our platform immediately after they landed here. TreeDots have done their necessary due diligence on the quality and pricing of the products, and we would say its definitely a good buy. Did we mention that their products are also considered premium in their industry? I mean, look at that Asparagus from Mexico costing only $5 for 450g!

At TreeDots, we take transparency very seriously since we are dealing with food products. As such, we require the seller to ensure that all of the fresh vegetables would have their description and reason for selling at a discount clearly stated on our platform. Returns would also be allowed if you find that it is not as per our description on the platform upon delivery.

So what are you waiting for, hurry grab some premium greens that are going at a low-cost over here! At TreeDots, we are unable to promise a consistent flow of products due to our business model so once products are sold out, we do not know when is the next time they will be back again so get the most out of these deals before they are gone (maybe for good)!

Finally, our social initiative – Food Fund – is still ongoing. Let us create a wonderful for the less-privileged this Christmas by offering to get them meals on the table for at least a month to ease their burdens. Just a mere $60 and you’d be able to feed one beneficiary for 30 days! You may pledge your donation amounts here.

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