What can you do with the price of one turkey this Christmas?

The season of giving is here again, we at TreeDots feel that spirit too and are intending to feed 270 less privileged kids this season for 30 days! You can play a part in this too, one less turkey this season and you’d be able to feed a kid. Take a look at this short video that our team (painstakingly) did –

Yes, with just $50 (not even the price of a roasted Turkey we normally see in Cold Storage), you would be able to feed a child in Singapore for 30 days – to break it down even more each meal is approximately only 49 cents! Made possible only because the food products are being bought off TreeDots platform, where food items are deeply discounted. Unbelievable? Check out the prices of our products here and you’d see why!

We are still relatively far from our target of $15,000 to feed 270 children, but we are getting there. Please do help to spread the word for this initiative, and if possible donate some yourself here! Did we also mention that donating to this initiative is tax-deductible, and IRAS is giving 2.5x tax deductions for such donations made till Dec 2018 – even more incentives to be a Santa this season!

To understand more about Food Fund and our beneficiaries, you may visit the follow links –

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  4. Donation Drive (GIVE – tax deductible)
  5. Donation Drive (ROHI – not tax deductible)

We do hope to get as much as support as possible from you. Remember, every dollar counts in a crowdfunding initiative. If you are working in a F&B company and feel like donating food products to this initiative, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we will reach out to you shortly after!

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