The TreeDots Story

The story behind the brand..

How it all began..

It all started with Avocadoes

One of the founders had been working in a commodities trading and shipping company in the past, and one fine day, due to unforseen circumstances, 24 Tonnes of Avocados was doomed to rot in a shipping port in China.

This sparked the idea of TreeDots. Why let 24 Tonnes of high quality produce go to waste all because of some regulatory practices? The founders could not accept this.

So they started digging..

They found that more than 810,000 Tonnes of food was wasted in 2017. IN SINGAPORE ALONE.

What made it worse was that by dumping so much food into landfills, it produced high quantitites of Methane Gas, killing our planet even more!

Across the globe, it was found that one-third of food is dumped, which equates to approximately 1.3 BILLION TONNES of food.

— Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations —

The Solution!

In Mid 2019, we conceptualised the first version of our App, we created an online platform to allow suppliers to connect with consumers using our services and logistics, charging a marginal platform- fee keeping costs low for everyone, while still having enough to keep the business alive!

In 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we improved our platform by connecting suppliers directly to consumers, allowing for an even more effective means of redistribution of unsold inventories.

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Our Mission & Vision

Envisioning a world without food loss, we aim to be the region’s catalyst to a modern-day food supply chain and an efficient distribution channel of food to make achieving sustainability easier and more accessible for all. We have a vision that food, that has been painstakingly reared and sowed, would not go to waste.

By 2025, TreeDots hopes to save 2 million tonnes of food from being wasted, thereby reducing carbon emissions by 18 million tonnes.