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Asia’s First Online Outlet Mall for Food

You may think of TreeDots as an online outlet mall for food items that are still safe for consumption but do not hit the usual (and unnecessary) aesthetic and industry expectations. We have created a B2B marketplace for such food items to be peddled at a discounted price to our participating F&B companies, non-profit associations, and practically anyone who is capable of clearing and consuming them before they perish – an idea that is the first of its kind in Asia.

Our mission is to minimise the amount of food waste starting with Singapore, and eventually the World through a self-sustaining ecosystem via our aggregation of F&B businesses on different points of the value chain within TreeDots to ensure that there is no longer a need to dispose of perfectly edible food. We are also currently collaborating with National Environment Agency (NEA) in their food wastage reduction (FWR) outreach programme to further spread the seeds of our initiatives around the nation, and always looking for opportunities to work alongside more like-minded organisations to strengthen what we stand for.

There is no reason for this battle to be a lonely one. We have seen reports of how natural habitats have been cleared to make way for more farming spaces to create an abundance of food surplus which people throw without a second thought while millions are still dying from starvation. Food wastage also impedes greater recycling efforts since they lead to contamination of recyclable trash. Would you be keen on living amidst industrial farm produce and trash? Probably not. We thus implore you to try looking for your products here with us first before heading straight to the mall to pay more for the exact same product. Zero waste should never be this hard.

Meet Our Team

Nicholas Lim

Nicholas Lim

COO, Founder

About Nicholas


Procurement, Philip Morris

Treasury, IMC Pan Asia Alliance

Regulatory Transactions, UBS

Founder, Buns Pte Ltd



Supply Chain Management

  • Co-led 2 procurement projects with a SGD500,000 budget (oversaw the entire process of the project from holding pitches and biddings to select the right vendors to the actual day planning of manpower allocation).
  • Pitched new pricing structures to the management team based on economic technicalities, and organizing on-the-ground competitive analysis,
  • Designed and implemented a model to assess monthly cashflow and budgeting decisions, (cut man-hours by 80%).
  • Create a suite to forecast future demand after identifying seasonality-like trends of cigarettes purchases from Philip Morris’ customers, and ease delivery routes planning.


  • Replicating and improvising the operational models of established regulatory departments in UBS’ European arm with automation and self-created tools to newly established department in UBS AG.
  • Engage in operational risk management through implementation of necessary controls and auditing, and through reconciliation and remediation of issues that surface.

Tylor Jong

Tylor Jong

CFO, Founder

About Tylor


Management Consulting, Oliver Wyman

Mergers & Acquisition, KPMG

Equity Capital Markets, Daiwa Capital

Private Equity, The Rohatyn Group

Sales and Advisory, Citibank



Fund Raising & Financial Management

  • Exposure to the business of management buyouts of firms in emerging markets in The Rohatyn Group.
  • Business and financial analysis, valuation and financial modeling skills honed in investment banking in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Equity Capital Markets (in the area of IPOs).
  • Solely responsible for the proposal of 14 exits for a Malaysian private equity client has in their portfolio.


Strategic Management

  • Staffed on 2 projects involving strategy pieces for Southeast Asia’s 3rd largest consumer retail bank and Malaysia’s largest teleco conglomerate at Oliver Wyman.
  • Pitched to the M&A team on the venturing into Islamic M&A business in Southeast Asia as a possible strategically advantageous position for KPMG to compete with financial advisors in the region.
  • Global champion team in the 2015 Asia Investment Banking Conference M&A Case Competition – pitched an inorganic growth strategy for Huawei in the Network Function Virtualization, Telecommunications space.

Jiacai Lau

Jiacai Lau

CEO, Founder

About Jiacai


Fintech Business Development, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Financial Services Auditor, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

IT Advisory, Ernst & Young

Freelance Web Designer

Web and App Developer, TinyHut



Tech Development 

  • Proficient in several languages including NodeJS, IOS-Swift, PHP and Javascript.
  • Acting CTO of his previous startup, TinyHut, where single-handedly developed the mobile app and website; built a website for his first startup, an online fashion store for men.
  • Hired on project basis to revamp their existing website and also design and build two other websites
  • Built a viable MVP for TreeDots, a landing page, a front end client ordering platform and also an entire CRM backend tool that is seamlessly integrated with the ordering platform, in the last 5 weeks.
  • Through this experience, Jia Cai understands the industry best practices in IT infrastructure implementation, change management, security and development.


IT Project Management

  • Part of the IT Risk Advisory team in Ernst & Young where he was highly involved in 3 advisory engagements.
  • Single-handedly processed 15 IT Infrastructures and engaged in research work, resulting in 83% completion of an advanced dashboard that will be sold to many major clients.

Our Location


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10 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227 977
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (65) 9017 3815

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