Buy Ugly Food at No Extra Cost to You

Buy Ugly Food at No Extra Cost to You

Buy ugly food? Have you ever considered that possibility? It’s high time for you to rethink your choices. Food waste and food loss are problems that have plagued humanity for so long. As our world progresses, the faster these problems escalate. Every year, about 1.3 billion tons of food are discarded either because they’re in excess or no longer aesthetically pleasing. Fruits and vegetables contribute the highest percentage in food wastage.  

When we shop for fresh produce, we want them looking as fresh as they can be without all the flaws such as being misshapen, having the wrong color, disproportionate sizes, and bruising. Our default mindset is that if they look good, they must taste good and have the proper nutrients we need. However, this big misconception has led us in discarding perfectly nutritious and equally tasty produce amounting to billions of tons just because they’re not perfect.

Food waste was acknowledged as a reality by the whole world when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations released a dire report: one-third of the food supply intended for consumption is either lost or wasted.

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Ugly Food - What’s Wrong with Them

People tend to stay away from ugly food because we assume that unless they look good, they must be lacking in nutritional content. However, Rachel Beller, a nutritionist based in LA, emphasized that it’s perfectly safe to eat ugly fruits and vegetables as long as they are fresh and not rotten. 

To address the imperfections of fresh produce, a horticulture professor from Cornell University, Marvis Pritts, revealed in his study that there are three main causes of abnormalities in fruits and vegetables: imperfect pollination process, frozen dew, and insects eating the fruiting body parts which results in an asymmetrical shape in the mature fruit.

In addition, the results of a study from Cornell University by a professor of horticulture, Marvis Pritts, revealed that there are at least three main causes of abnormalities in fruits and vegetables. Pritts clarified that none of these factors were found to cause health problems or any effect on humans for that matter.

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Processing plays a major role in retaining the nutrients we need. To illustrate, boiling carrots can increase beta carotene when compared with eating them raw as a salad. If carrots are steamed, their Vitamin C content will decrease while the phenolic acid, a type of antioxidant, increases. It all boils down to how we process our food and not whether they look immaculate.

Overall, you’ve got nothing to lose from buying ugly food and everything to gain from it. Since ugly food often gets ignored, they are cheaper alternatives. How exactly are they more affordable than their fresher-looking counterparts? It’s simple. When you join a group buy, you get access to cosmetically-filtered and overstocked supplies sold at competitive prices that would otherwise be wasted. 

Ugly food is just as good as vegetable and fruit products that have better colors, sizes, and shapes. If you’re still looking for money-saving tips to start the new year, then join a group buy and give ugly food a chance. 

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