Buyer FAQ

About TreeDots

We are a Group Buy Platform that connects consumers like yourself directly to suppliers. Currently focusing on grocery and household products, we adopt a sustainable model that promotes efficient food distribution. As a group buy platform, we also offer highly competitive prices and attractive deals for you and your community to enjoy together. 

Group Buying is coming together with your neighbours, friends and family to enjoy deals by sharing an order. In TreeDots, we come together as location-based communities to purchase together under an order then get our orders delivered to the collection point where we will collect our orders once delivered. Work together as a community to hit the minimum order values of each supplier within the specified group buy period to have your orders delivered! 

By connecting suppliers directly to consumers via our platform, we serve as an efficient food distribution channel that wastes no other resources on in-between processes such as storage and buffer stocks (extra stocks to ensure shelves are filled). Furthermore, each supplier has a minimum order value and this allows suppliers to deliver in bulk quantities to a single location, saving resources required in delivering small packages to individual homes.

Product related

You can find a wide range of selection of groceries from different suppliers on our platform, ranging from eggs and poultry to vegetables, fruits and snacks. (and even alcohol!) 

Our products range from frozen and fresh poultry, seafood and vegetables to snacks, beverages and alcohol, an online marketplace curated to meet your grocery needs. All our products can be bought individually and their delivery date is subjected to when your collection point hits minimum order value. Some products are eligible for a volume deal which means once the total number of orders for that particular product is hit before orders close for that week and delivery is made, those who ordered that product will be able to enjoy the promotion stated on the app. This will be in the form of a refund. To find out if an item is eligible for a volume deal, tap into the listing to see if there is a label stating ‘VOLUME DEAL’ and the respective minimum number and promotion price.

We have two kinds of deals: Volume deals and Bundle deals.

For items/products with spoilt packaging, we are unable to do an exchange. Please take a photo of it and raise the issue to your collection point representative. We will make a refund on a case by case basis.

For missing and wrongly delivered items, please inform your collection point representative. Items that cannot be exchanged or replaced will be refunded. For poor quality products, please take a photo of the product and forward it to us via your representative.

Do note that TreeDots’ products are cosmetically filtered and/or overstocked. This may apply to other suppliers’ products and will be explicitly stated by your collection point rep. To find out more information regarding this,  check out our About Us page or watch our media feature on CNA here!

You can first request for your collection point representative to open a group buy for your desired supplier in the community Whatsapp group chat. This helps you to garner interest for that suppliers’ products in the community as well. If your collection point representative is still unable to open a group buy for your desired supplier, try checking out other collection points.

Order Related

You will first need to download our app. Sign up for a personal account, join a collection point and its whatsapp chat and browse through the offerings available there! Want another supplier but don’t see it in the app? You can request for your rep to start a group buy for that supplier and if your rep cannot commit to that supplier’s group buy, try joining another collection point to see if they have started a group buy for your desired supplier. Then, proceed to order, make sure you have a debit/credit card linked to your account! After ordering, monitor the progress of your purchase status from the ‘Orders’ tab on the app.

Check the ‘To Ship’ and ‘To Collect’ tabs under the ‘Orders’ page on the app to monitor the progress of your order status respectively. Once your collection point has met the minimum order value of the supplier before orders close for that week, your rep may inform the community in the chat that the minimum order value is met. Your order will be reflected in the ‘To Collect’ tab with the confirmed collection date and an email will be sent on the day of collection as well. However, if your collection point did not meet the minimum order value, your order will be rolled over to the following delivery date and the estimated collection date will be updated on the app under your orders accordingly.

For cancellation of items, please contact your collection point representative with your order number. To find your order number, head to the ‘Orders’ tab in the app.

Should you have carted out at the wrong collection point, please contact your collection point representative with your order number to cancel your order. Please place another order at the correct location.  

Collection Related

You will need to collect your order from the collection point you ordered under. If you have forgotten which point you ordered under, head to the ‘Orders’ tab in the app to check out your location and delivery date. An email containing your order ID will also be sent to you on the day of collection as a reminder. Your collection point rep may have also reminded the community of the delivery in the community whatsapp chat or in-app chat.

Payment and Refunds Related

Raise your refund request to your collection point representative with your order number and we will help to process your refunds on case-by-case basis. All refunds requested will be processed within 7-10 working days.

You will be charged at original price upfront upon ordering and your order confirmation email will reflect the original price likewise. The promotion difference will be refunded to you 7-10 working days from the day the group buy closes. This will be done if the deal requirement(s) are met. If you were not refunded the promotion difference after the stated time period though the promotion requirements were met, please raise the issue to your collection point representative.