Collection Point FAQ

Collection Point FAQ

Collection Points

You may download our TreeDots Group Buy mobile app or click here to see all our collection point locations in Singapore!

For the mobile app, in the app’s home screen, select the white location icon on the top right and enter your address. You will see all the collection points near you, simply click and join!
To select a new collection point, select the white location icon on the top right of the app’s home screen. Tap on the search bar and simply deselect the collection point that is currently selected. You may now select a new collection point!

Collection Point Host

Collection Point Hosts help to send marketing materials to their community chat consisting of buyers weekly. Other than pushing for sales, hosts also have to answer product related questions. For app adoption, hosts can share with buyers the buyer’s guide on the process of ordering. On the day of collection, hosts would need to facilitate the collections and ensure that all buyers collect their products within stipulated collection time. 

Visit our group buy page to find out more!

Anyone! As long as you feel that you are suitable for and are comfortable with the role, just sign up!  Singapore collection point host sign up form Malaysia collection point host sign up form
Do let us know via the admin chat and we will proceed to deactivate your location from the app as well as on-going sprees (if any). You may also recommend a friend or a group buy community member to take over!
Always ensure that you are at home when deliveries are on its way to you! However, in a situation where you are unavailable, contact our TreeDots Support immediately and let your buyers know.

For Singapore, referrer gets a $20 bonus for every friend referred! The $20 bonus is only applicable upon completion of their first delivery within the first 2 months of onboarding

For Malaysia, referrer gets RM100 bonus upon the new referred host’s third delivery. All 3 deliveries made by their referred host must be made before 15 March 2022.

Group Buy Orders

All orders can be tracked via the TreeDots Seller Centre Functions include:
  • Track orders placed at your collection point
  • Track weekly commissions
  • 1 to 1 chat function with your buyers
  • Connect with suppliers of your choice
  • Arrange a spree for your preferred delivery date
Step 1: Connect with supplier
In the Seller Center mobile app: Under ‘Browse’, you can pick your preferred supplier to host for and connect with them. Once connected, you will be able to open a spree at your preferred delivery date!

Step 2: Open a spree
Under ‘Spree’ tab, click on the ‘+’ button to create a new spree. Select your preferred supplier and select ‘Ad Hoc’ or ‘Recurring’ sprees. If you chose Adhoc, choose your preferred delivery date!
For missing and poor quality items, please inform our driver and TreeDots Support in your respective admin chats. Items that cannot be replaced within the day will be refunded. Treedots Support team will be notifying you if you have any out of stock items in your orders. Please inform the respective buyers about their orders and that they should be expecting a refund 7-10 days from the day of informing. 
For items/products with spoilt packaging, we are unable to do an exchange. Please take a photo of it and send it over to us in your respective group chat with us. We will make a refund on a case by case basis.
Inform our driver and TreeDots Support in your respective group chat with us. A recovery status will be updated thereafter.
For buyers that carted out at the wrong collection point, please reach out to TreeDots admin with the order number in order to cancel that order. Please advise your buyer to re-order via the app at the correct collection point.

Delivery & Collection

After the host informs that the delivery has arrived, buyers are encouraged to collect within an hour timeframe to avoid items thawing or spoiling. Buyers just have to communicate to the host know that they are going to collect their items so that the host can be prepared for their arrival.

TreeDots will not inform individual buyers that delivery has been made. Hosts will have to inform buyers that products have arrived, and encourage them to collect within an hour timeframe to avoid items thawing or spoiling. However, we will be reminding your buyers via email to collect their items on the day of collection.

Please refer to the Group Buy Creation timeline on our Group Buy creation form found in your respective chat group with us. Group Buy Requests submitted on Sunday will be processed on Mondays. Group Buys close 2 days before delivery at 7 pm and are first opened 7 days before delivery day. This means that Group Buys are open for 5 days.
For cancellation of items, please contact TreeDots support in your respective chat group with us. Please reach out with order number and name of buyer.
To view minimum order value and order breakdown for the collection point, track them via the Seller Centre here. For orders that do not meet the minimum order value, it will be rolled over to the next delivery date.

Payments & Refunds

All refunds requested will be processed within 7-10 working days upon its authorisation. All refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
You will be charged at original price upfront upon ordering and your order confirmation email will reflect the original price likewise. The promotion difference will be refunded to you 7-10 working days from the day the group buy closes. This will be done if the deal requirement(s) are met. If you were not refunded the promotion difference after the stated time period though the promotion requirements were met, please raise the issue to your collection point representative.

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