What is Food Fund?

Food Fund is a social initiative birthed from the collaboration of two social enterprises - TreeDots and Ray of Hope Initiative (ROHI) - with relatively different objectives. TreeDots aims to reduce the amount of waste on Earth starting with food wastage by creating a marketplace to link people with unsold inventory to potential buyers so as to not let them end up in the bin. On the other hand, ROHI's mission is to allow individuals who are capable of providing aid to others to reach out to people who require such assistance via a reliable and accessible platform. Despite this, both enterprises wished for the same final outcome - to make the world a better place.

It is for this goal, that Food Fund was hatched by fusing the vastly differing expertise from these two enterprises. Food Fund is a crowd-funding initiative using the platform that ROHI had painstakingly built up to ensure reliability and transparency, to purchase the deeply discounted products that TreeDots have on their platform that were put up by a variety of sellers. These products will then be given to the ROHI beneficiaries. It is a win-win-win situation for everyone!

You must be thinking "if it is for a good social cause, why are the sellers not donating their items instead?". Operational costs! These sellers will be undertaking the delivery to the various households as well as the storage of the goods till the actual day of delivery, also the products are already sold at a loss. To ensure a sustainable model for Food Fund to not just be an one-off effort, we do have to ensure that our sellers are at least able to cover a portion of their expenses! Not to worry, Food Fund does have some procedures in place to ensure that the sellers are not profiting from this movement, and that everything is done to make certain that the best interests are given to the beneficiaries involved.


The easiest way to contribute would be to make a donation! The beauty of a crowd-funding initiative really lies in the fact that any amount donated would be a good amount. If a million people donated $1, this initiative would be able to garner and purchase $1 million worth of food products for our beneficiaries! That could last them for years since the products are deeply discounted. Donate HERE!


Share us everywhere, your friends, your families, your colleagues, and your social media platforms! The power of crowd-funding is such that the greater the exposure, the higher the chances of success for the initiative to work. Besides donations, we might even be able to get more beneficiaries who could use our movement to help more people!


Through this movement, we hope to educate the public regarding the invisible issue of poverty within Singapore. With more people understanding the situation, we hope that more people would step up and begin more of such similar initiatives to help kickstart the empathy within Singaporeans!

Help us relieve the financial burdens of the elderly poor in Singapore

The poverty rate among the working elderly in Singapore jumped from 13 per cent in 1995, to 28 per cent in 2005 -  to 41 per cent in 2011. To survive, most elderly in Singapore take up odd jobs to earn some keep for their expenses, and a bulk of these expenses goes towards their food consumption. These odd jobs, however, tend to be lowly paid - a cardboard collector would only earn a mere $20 per 200kg of cardboards collected. Most of us here have never even carried anything of that weight in our entire life!

Every dollar you donate would go into the purchase of food products for these elderly, and if we are able to keep this going, they will never have to worry about such expenses ever. Let us all do our part to help eradicate the unspoken problem of elderly poor in Singapore.

Allow kids of lower income family in Singapore to continue schooling

The only true way for families to break out of their poverty cycle is through education. However, as parents work hard in these families to finance their children through education, the little amount of time spent with them results in a higher possibility of them going astray thereby neglecting their studies. These children also tend to cut short their education opportunities to start working instead in order to support their family.

As all of us know, food expenses tend to be a considerable proportion of a household's income and thence by relieving this aspect of expense, it will help prevent the above from happening. Your dollar contribution could go a long way for these children to pursue higher education, and eventually alleviate them of their financial situation.

Help us reduce the amount of food wastage in Singapore

In 2016, 791,000,000kg of food wastage was generated in Singapore, and over 40 per cent of food waste occurs at production and retail level globally. Most of the time, food products wasted are still perfectly edible albeit a bit lacking in their aesthetics such as lesser bananas in a bunch as per normal, or simply overstocks due to operational requirements.

Such wastage is uncalled for and hence we have talked to companies to sell them at a deeply discounted price for such purposes making this exchange sustainable for them by coming in as an alternative instead of immediately disposing them. By donating, you would indirectly be purchasing these products for our beneficiaries and hence reduce the amount of wastage in Singapore!

Every cent counts

You don't need a reason to help people. Together we can truly make a difference.

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